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Saison 2017-2018


Zazpiak #1

Fundación BBVA, Bilbao - dans le cadre du VIII Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea
23 janvier, 19h30
  • Javier Quislant, Nouvelle œuvre, for ensemble (création mondiale)*
  • Philippe Hurel, Trait d'union, for violin and cello
  • Alberto Posadas, Nebmaat, for ensemble
  • Bertrand Dubedout, Zazpiak Z, for ensemble
  • Gabriel Erkoreka, Kaiolan, for ensemble

  • Violon : Alexandra Greffin-Klein
    Violoncelle : Alexis Descharmes
    Ensemble Court-circuit
    Direction : Jean Deroyer

    * Commande Fundación BBVA

  • In the Basque language, the words "Zazpiak Bat" express the unity of the seven provinces that constitue the Basque Country on either side of the Pyrenees.
    Three Basque composers have come together for this concert.
    In Zapiak Z, Bertrand Dudebout partly bases his composition on some features specific to Txalaparta, traditional Basque music. Kaiolan ("In the cage"), by the Basque composer Gabriel Erkoreka, is a reflexion on the work of the sculptor Louise Bourgeois (d. 2010), whose work expresses captivity through the creation of psychological spaces inhabited by familiar objects and souvenirs.
    In Nebmaat, Alberto Posadas expresses his fascination for the pyramids of Egypt - as organisations in space, with symbolic, metaphoric and psychological values - and uses their dimensions to control the development of the sound medium and its parameters.
    With these three works drawing their inspiration from traditional music, sculpture and architecture, two other works will be performed - Trait d'union by Philippe Harel and a creation byJavier Quislant, also a Basque composer, specially written for Court-circuit.

    Informations pratiques :
    Fundación BBVA, Plaza de San Nicolás, 4, Bilbao
    Tarif: entrée libre
    Renseignements et réservations : Fundación BBVA,

    Co-production Fundación BBVA / ensemble Court-circuit


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