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Season 2017-2018


En miroir #1 - Lachenmann / Beethoven

Salle Cortot
Septembre 29, 20h30

  • Helmut Lachenmann, Allegro sostenuto, for clarinet, cello, piano
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven, Trio op. 11, for clarinet, cello, piano

  • Piano : Jean-Marie Cottet
    Clarinet : Pierre Dutrieu
    Cello : Frédéric Baldassare

  • Free cocktail after the concert

  • After a first "En miroir" in 2014 at Salle Cortot, which confronted a cycle for violin and cello by Philippe Harel to Ravel's surprising violin and cello sonata, it was Marc Monnet's turn to "play the game" in 2016 with Janácek.
    In 2017, it wasn't difficult to associate Brahms's and Ligeti's two works for violin, horn and cello, both references in chamber music. For this fourth edition, the confrontation will be between Helmut Lachenmann's famous "Allegro sostenuto" trio and Beethoven's trio opus 11. The two great German composers have left their mark on their time with their audacity - both in composition and in instrumental writing - their mastery of the large instrumental form and their originality.
    An evening with two major creators who have invented forms and sounds, influenced generations of composers after them and changed music.

    Informations :
    Salle Cortot, 78 rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris
    Price: 0 to 10 €
    Information and Reservations : ensemble Court-circuit,, 06 89 16 64 00; billetterie en ligne BilletReduc

    Production ensemble Court-circuit


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