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Season 2017-2018


En miroir #2 - Hurel / Ravel

Salle de la Bourse, Strasbourg - Dans le cadre du festival Musica
October 1, 11h00

  • Philippe Hurel, Traits, for violin, cello
  • Maurice Ravel, Sonate, for violin and cello

  • Violin : Alexandra Greffin-Klein
    Cello : Alexis Descharmes

  • On the program of this concert, a duo composed in the line of Maurice Ravel's famous Sonata for violin and cello. Philippe Hurel's Traits executes the most varied musical techniques and generates a constantly fusing musical substance, an infinite variation of registers, while maintaining the lighting quality of a stroke…A rising movement played sul ponticello, a flow of lava, is the trigger of this cycle of three piece which unfold organically, almost like a plant. The three pieces in the cycle share many common traits - the unbridled virtuoso passages - generally brutal and eruptive - and other more ethereal moments, imbued with poetry all the more remarkable when they appear.

    Informations :
    Salle de la Bourse - 1 place de Lattre de Tassigny, 67000 Strasbourg
    Price: 6 to 22 €
    Information and Reservations : Festival Musica, Cité de la musique et de la danse 1, place Dauphine, 67100 Strasbourg, téléphone : 03 88 23 47 23

    Production festival Musica ; avec le soutien de Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.


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