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Saison 2017-2018


Académie de composition Philippe Manoury - Musica

Session de travail
Du 25 au 27 septembre, CRR de Strasbourg

06 octobre, 18h30, Auditorium de France 3 Alsace, Strasbourg

  • Jean-Patrick Besingrand, Konohana, for clarinet and ensemble (création mondiale)
  • Jeremias Iturra, Collision simultanée, for saxophone and ensemble (création mondiale)
  • Sergio Rodrigo, Suspended feeling, for percussion and ensemble (création mondiale)
  • Antonio Tules, Temps libre, for violin and ensemble (création mondiale)

  • Violon : Alexandra Greffin-Klein
    Clarinette : Pierre Dutrieu
    Saxophone : Vincent David
    Percussion : Rémi Durupt
    Direction : Jean Deroyer

  • Musica wishes to associate young composers to the fascinating adventure begun in 1983, as part of its Académie de composition taking place during the festival. The Académie Philippe Manoury - Festival Musica is the common project where the formal and artistic preoccupations in the field of musical composition of the Conservatoire de Strasbourg, the Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg- HEAR and the Université de Strasbourg converge. Its objective is to offer time and opportunity to explore and experiment to the young composers selected: definition of their musical project, composition, follow-up of the work's development with two internationally acknowledged pedagogue composers, confrontation with specialised professional musicians. During the two concerts given at the end of the festival all the pieces that have been worked on are performed (and recorded) and Musica commissions a composition from the laureate.

    Informations pratiques :
    Auditorium de France 3 Alsace, 5 place de Bordeaux, 67000 Strasbourg
    Tarif: 12 €
    Renseignements et réservations : Festival Musica, Cité de la musique et de la danse 1, place Dauphine, 67100 Strasbourg, téléphone : 03 88 23 47 23

    Co-Production festival Musica / ensemble Court-circuit. En partenariat avec le Conservatoire de Strasbourg, la Haute école des arts du Rhin (HEAR), l’Université de Strasbourg, le Labex Gream
    Avec le soutien de la Fondation Jean-Luc Lagardère, de la Sacem et de Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung


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