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Season 2017-2018


Carabanchel / Court-circuit - Cabaret latino-contempo

Théâtre de Vanves
October 19, 21h

  • Tangos, musique latino
  • Étienne Kippelen, Tango rabioso, for violin, double bass, accordion, piano
  • Philippe Hurel, À bâtons rompus, for percussion and saxophone
  • Philippe Hurel, Recueil, for viola and percussion

  • Cocktail à l'issue du concert

  • Flute : Claire Luquiens
    Clarinet : Jean-Brice Godet
    Saxophone : Vincent David
    Violin : Alexandra Greffin-Klein
    Viola : Laurent Camatte
    Cello : Askar Ishangaliyev
    Double bass : Simon Guidicelli
    Guitar, bandonéon, accordion : Fernando Fiszbein
    Accordion : Anthony Millet
    Piano : Emilie Aridon-Kocioek
    Percussion : Minino Garay et Benoît Poly

  • Court-Circuit has invited Caranbanchel, the explosive tango and Latin-American music group founded by the composer Fernando Fiszbein, consisting of musicians from different cultures: tango, jazz, classic music, latino songs, contemporary music… More used to underground stages than to theatres, they carry high their slogan demanding "popular avant-garde counterculture". Four musicians from Court-Circuit will join them for a programme mixing the group's repertoire and pieces by Etienne Kippelen and Philippe Hurel, the composer currently in residence at the théâtre de Vanves.
    From music by Hermeto Pascoal, to tango, Brazilian songs, and contemporary music, an open, energetic, enjoyable and merry evening for all.

    Informations :
    Théâtre de Vanves 12, rue Sadi Carnot, 92170 Vanves
    Price: 10 to 20 €
    Information and Reservations : Théâtre de Vanves, 01 41 33 93 70

    Co-production Théâtre de Vanves / ensemble Court-circuit Présenté dans le cadre de Bien Entendu ! Un mois for la création musicale - une manifestation de Futurs Composés, réseau national de la création musicale


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