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Season 2017-2018


Sons d'automne - Miroir

Salle Pierre Lamy, Annecy
November 24, 20h30
  • Philippe Hurel, À bâtons rompus, for percussion and saxophone
  • Bela Bartok, Danses roumaines, for violon and piano
  • Philippe Hurel, Localized corrosion, for saxophone, electric guitar, piano, percussion
  • Philippe Hurel, Tombeau in memoriam Gérard Grisey, for piano and percussion
  • Maurice Ravel, Sonate, for violon and piano

  • Violin : Alexandra Greffin-Klein
    Saxophone : Vincent David
    Electric guitar : Christelle Séry
    Piano : Jean-Marie Cottet
    Percussion : Benoît Poly et Carlos Puga

  • En écho au concert
  • Masterclass of saxophone with Vincent David
    November 5, 9h à 13h
    Salle 01, CRR d’Annecy

  • Conférence de Philippe Hurel
    November 25, 11h à 13h
    Auditorium, CRR d’Annecy

  • Five works bound together by pulsation, rhythm and the influence and inspiration of "popular" music. Tombeau by Hurel refers to the extremely rhythmic piano solo of Vortex temporum by Gérard Grisey and moves away, notably in the second movement, from western tempo to put in place a ritual element come from elsewhere.
    As for A bâtons rompus, it draws from jazz its unrestrained rhythm, riff writing and the intense melody of the saxophone, evocative of the "chorus".
    Localized corrosion draws inspiration from jazz-rock for its rhythm andfrom rock even in its writing for the guitar.
    Echoing Hurel's pieces, Bartok's Romanian dances are, as all know, a rhythmic and harmonic work on popular themes dear to the composer. Finally in Ravel's Sonata, the blues makes an appearance between two movements with implacable rhythm and the piece reminds us of how attentive the composer was to the diversity of music in the effervescent world of interwar years. No trace of copying, plagiarism or of a second rate "folkloric" style, but the wish for the composer to play with influences and models and to bend them into his music.

    Informations :
    Salle Pierre Lamy d'Annecy, 12 rue de la République 74000 Annecy
    Price: 4 to 12 €
    Information and Reservations : Festival Sons d'automne, / 04 50 33 87 18; billetterie au conservatoire ou le soir du concert

    Co-production Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional Annecy - Pays de Savoie/ ensemble Court-circuit


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