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Season 2017-2018


Duel - Atelier

Ecoles primaires, Issy-les-Moulineaux
April 9-10-11-12-13

  • Atelier Duel

    Concepteur jeux musicaux : Phonotonic
    Intervenante : Alice Daquet

    Avec la participation de Laurent Camatte, altiste de l'ensemble Court-circuit

    Lire le bilan de l'atelier 2017

  • Phonotonic changes the way we experience music.
    It is an intelligent object and an application which enables anyone to create and control music in real time through movement.
    In this workshop we offer students the opportunity of experiencing music in a new recreative and educational way, focusing on body, movement, coordination, memory and speech. In group or solo, in a dialogue with a professional musician, the students will experience several musical situations usually limited to advanced level musicians, the final project will be setting a silent film to music in real time.

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